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Alun and Tony St John live at Upton J...


We seem to have built a studio!

Bit neater

Well after the successful test broadcast the other day we have just been waiting for some deliveries to arrive and the good news is that most of them have! So we have removed the sprawling cable mass from the other day and it now looks quite rather tidy : The PC has been securely mounted, […]

(Android) Longside Radio app v1.1 rel...


v1.1 of our Android app has gone live and your Android devices should be updating soon with the new version!   It takes a while for updates to happen on the Google Play store but the update should be available in a couple of hours max. What’s new?  Well it now starts playing the station as […]

Louie Louie AY YA YA YA YEAH!

Louie Louie  AY YA YA YA YEAH!

Work has been frantic at the top secret Longside Radio Mobile Broadcast build location over the last couple of days Please forgive this wall of text but there is something at bottom worth waiting for, but please don’t skip the dramatic build up Again we/I forgot to take pictures when we were doing it,  particularly […]

Suddenly a wild studio appears!


Yet again a multi day update, apologies all! It has been like Christmas with lots of kit arriving this week including a couple of key components of the studio. We are missing a couple of photos at the moment so please forgive the wall of text and I will update it when we take some […]

Longside Radio Android App now availa...


Hi All, We now have an Android app available on the Google Play store! It is nice and simple and quick to use,  please let us know how if you like it or have any suggestions. Click here or use the QR code below!   For iPhone users,  we don’t have an app yet but […]

Order! Order! and a bit of rotten luc...


We have been busy ordering equipment today and trying to get the best kit at the best price.  We gave had to cut back on a few things to squeeze it into the available budget, but the good news is that the main order has been done and things should start to arrive this week! […]



A multi-day update here to get you up to speed with what we have been doing! On Saturday while I was helping the team from Jigsaw Community Festivals put this up: Mark had been a bit busy and had not only relocated the caravan but also done more painting then over the weekend put down […]

More painting


After more painting the doors are now half done. Hoping to finish tomorrow and get them back in the van tomorrow night.

Paint me like one of your French cara...

Paint me like one of your French caravans…

Hello...Well it's a first for me this week as I'll be presenting 'The Jazz Hour' live from the 'Upton Jazz Festival' here in Worcestershire, UK from 9pm, on my very first outside why not come along and say hello.

The music this week comes from some of the bands and artists that have performed at the festival, plus Worcestershires very own the 'Blue Monday Jazz Quartet' who can add the Upton Jazz Festival to a growing list of venues of live performances over recent years.

The birthday of the American saxophonist Eric Dolphy is recognised this week and I'll be continuing the themes featuring Robert Glasper and music from artists who performed during the war years given that this year we are recognising the 70th anniversary of VE day.

I'll be 'bringing the curtain down' on a super 'Album of the Month' featuring 'The Bateman Brothers', Ian and Alan that is, supported by some great musicians...and a really good album it is too.

I'll have details of the up and coming 'Birmingham Jazz and Blues Festival' and an opportunity for you to get there you have it. If you are at the Upton Jazz Festival on Sunday please drop by and say hello...I'd love to meet you.

Have a great weekend

'The Jazz Man'

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